Barriers, Track Way and Concrete Ballasts

Hire crowd control barriers, trackways and concrete from Cromore Events today. All of our equipment is available to all industries, not just the events sector.


 Cromore Events stock 2 different types of barriers in large quantities available for hire across Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland.

Crowd Control Barrier/Pedestrian Barrier

A crowd control barrier/pedestrian barrier (also known as a CCB) does what it says on the tin – helps to direct/redirect crowds in the direction you want them to go, creating controlled queuing systems and keeping pedestrians off required areas. Our CCBs are 2.3m long, interlocking and freestanding which makes them perfect for rapid set up and take down. They also stack well for easy storage. CCBs from Cromore Events come bundled in sets of 25. These are most commonly hired for an event.

Heras Fence/Boundary Fence

Our second type of barrier is a Heras fence/boundary fence which is 2m tall and 3.5m long. Boundary fences provide site security for events or any site that requires a tall boundary to make sites easier to manage. Our boundary fences are the best quality on the market and are constructed with anticlimb mesh to make it very difficult for intruders to get over. They are provided with rubber feet and clamps as required. Our Heras Fences are delivered/collected in stillages 32. Again, these are most commonly hired for events but can be used for any number of applications.

Trackways & Mats

Our Track Mat Hire has many applications with load capacities of up to 80 tonnes. Trackway can be used to create pedestrian paths, vehicle laneways, temporary car parks and anything else in-between. Our access mats have a different surface on either side dependant on the usage. Trackway can be delivered to you or collected from us and can also be installed by our experienced team. Ground protection mats are bolted together to form one complete surface from start to finish. Best used to protect delicate/soft ground, around high volume traffic areas in non-tarmac/concrete environments. The Mats are 1.2m x 2.4m and weight 36kg.

Concrete Ballasts

We can supply kelly blocks from 250kg – 1000kg for many uses, most commonly used as ballast for marquee hire, weighing stages down, stretch tent weights, building temporary walls, securing sites/entrances. We can deliver these to site and locate where required using our all-terrain truck-mounted forklifts.

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