Basketball Shootout Inflatable

Are you hosting an event where people will be getting competitive? Who among your friends is the best at shooting hoops? Settle it once and for all with this fantastic inflatable basketball shootout game – available for hire in Northern Ireland and the ROI from the Cromore Events party rental experts.

Find out who is the Michael Jordan at your event with the basketball shootout

The great thing about the basketball shootout inflatable is how it combines simplicity with skill. The rules could not be easier to understand, but getting the highest score will take lots of practice and talent. Quite simply, all the competitors need to do is get the ball in the basket as many times as possible in the allotted time you choose. Your guests will want to keep trying again and again to improve their score. If you are planning a fete or community event in Ireland and you hire our basketball shootout, you know you’ll have a product that will attract guests and make them way to stay for hours.

All ages can take part in this game, and we find it is just as popular with kids as it is with grown-ups. As there are two hoops on this inflatable it means that people can go head-to-head to see who has the best aim and technique. Trust us when we say it will be popular. We’ve been providing this game to events and parties across Ireland for years and we find it always goes down a storm.

For basketball shootout hire in Ireland, Cromore Events is the best choice

We have loyal repeat customers across Ireland who use us whenever they need party hire equipment because they know we only stock the best items available. We are always reliable, and have become known for our prompt and thorough service.

If you think the basketball shootout could be a success at your event, contact us now to make a reservation.

Space Required – 20L x 16W x 16H (ft)

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