Blind Folded Knockout Game

At Cromore Events we strive to create rewarding teambuidling games that are fun and exciting, and that encourage you and your colleagues to build your communication and collaboration skills while enjoying entertaining activities together.

The Blind-folded knockout game uses teamwork from every participant, and is well-suited for all kinds of corporate events, from executive retreats to the office Christmas party.

The objective of the blindfold knockout obestacle course sees people guding each-other through an expert-difficulty, tried-and-tested assault course – with one participant fully blindfolded. The obstacle course involves plenty of climbing, walking, running and balancing, with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Working together to succeed in this engaging blindfold knockout game will underline the importance of clear, concise communication and of carefully following instructions.

We don’t just offer this obstacle course for hire at corporate events – it’s very popular with kids too, and is much-loved at school fun days and private parties of all varieties.

Teambuilding Event Hire in Ireland

When you’re looking for a fun, thrilling event entertainment option to enjoy with friends, or if you want everyone in your group to work together as a team, this is the perfect game for you. With one member of your team unable to see, you’ll have to speak with each-other properly and follow instructions closely. Confidently lead your team to overcome the difficult obstacles. There are few things more rewarding than hitting the end of the blindfold knockout game! 

Contact us to start booking this product for your event. We’re providing the blindfold obstacle course for hire in Ireland, including Northern and Southern Ireland. 

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