Boundary Fence and Heras Fence Hire

When you run a large event you need to keep a degree of control on the capacity. Even if the event is free you will have a capacity limit and perhaps want to carry out bag checks. Without a boundary people are free to wander in from all directions, possibly bringing in food and drink which will impact sales on any stalls you have. This is of course problematic but Cromore Events has a simple solution for you.

We can provide a boundary fence around the perimeter of your site as part of our event hire services. It’s a simple visual signal as well as a physical barrier. Making sure everything is secure is key to keeping track of how many guests are currently at the event and keeps everyone safe. It makes sure that everyone enters through the proper entrance and walks down the correct trackways.

Heras Fence Rental

Cromore Events can provide strong but lightweight boundary fences complete with weighted rubber feet. 2m tall and 3.5m long. These Heras temporary fences are affordable and effective, however they are also surprisingly quick and easy to set up, with them. Potential guests can also see through them into the event, which means it won’t block out any extra footfall. You can also attach helpful signage to them to direct people to the main entrance.

You want your event to be fun first and foremost so having a boundary fence vastly reduces the chance of incidents and means the day can be enjoyed by all. It’s a necessity for all large events.

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