Bumper Carz

Our Bumper Carz are one of the most popular attractions to date and suitable for children aged 3 years – Early/Mid Teens. We have 2 sizes of arenas, our largest arena is 33ft x 33ft (10m x 10m) which is generally supplied with 8 carz and our 26ft x 26ft (8m x 8m) which is generally supplied with 4 carz.

The Carz are operated by two joysticks, one for each hand. One joystick moves the car forward and back and the other spins the car right and left. These Bumper Carz are one of the safest attractions on the market and give children a chance to control a vehicle of there own.

They are battery powered so do not produce noise and can be operated indoors. We have operated these at festivals and events all over Ireland in Dublin, Belfast, Ballymena, Derry/Londonderry just to name a few. To hire these just get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

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