Deluxe Penalty Shootout

You put the ball down steady, keep your composure as the crowd is on the edge of their seat, you can hear a pin drop. Then with one clean swipe of the foot you send the ball sailing into the top corner and the crowd goes wild… and you get a hundred points for your high score in the penalty shootout inflatable! 

Our deluxe football shootout game is suitable for all ages and all footballing abilities, and is therefore perfect for all kinds of events. Since you can charge for admission, this inflatable is a big hit at fundraisers, community events and corporate occasions. The rules of the penalty shootout are simple – hit as many strikes through the five different targets to get the most points – but the tactics are up to the player. Do you play it safe and try to hit lots of easy twenty five point shots, or do you go for the top corner in the hope of one big payoff of a hundred points?

Guests will gather in anticipation around the deluxe penalty shoot out inflatable, having as much fun spectating as they do taking part.

This is the kind of item that gets the fun filled atmosphere going at an event, something a bit different for people to test their skills in a fun competitive way and decide once and for all: Who’s the best footballer? 

Available for hire in Northern and Southern Ireland, including in Belfast, Dublin, Limerick, Newry, Newtownards, Bangor and more. Make your order from our event hire experts today for fantastic fun on your special day; whatever the occasion, Cromore Events are here to help. Just visit our contact page to see some fast ways to speak with us about our inflatable party rental services or to begin the booking process. 

Length: 18ft

Width: 18ft

Height: 11ft

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