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If you’re organising an event and you require kiosks for any reason, the Event Kiosks we can have in stock at Cromore Events are exactly what you need.

These high-quality traditional market stalls are of a great calibre, and they look absolutely fantastic with their classic Alpine aesthetic. The large open hatches in front provide plenty of room for staff and customers to interact, whereas the door in the back are spacious enough to carry through all the equipment and stock you could possibly need. These Event Kiosks excel for use as bars, food dispensers, information stands, event shops and anything else you might think of.

Our Event Kiosks are commercial grade, which means they are suitable for use (and have been used) at the largest events in Ireland. However, even for smaller functions you’ll still find they are great. Add them to product launches, conferences, festivals, corporate events and so much more, and book them with marquees and stages for huge occasions. We are certain they won’t disappoint!

Whenever you order anything from us here at Cromore Events, you’ll be receiving the very highest level of service. We have extensive experience of working with the biggest names in the business world, and because of this we know the exact level of professionalism that is required. However don’t worry if you’re business is small, because we approach every event hire job we do with the exact same attitude.

No matter how many Event Kiosks you order from us, you will be receiving structures in perfect working order that have just been checked and cleaned by our expert team. It’s this second-to-none service that makes Cromore Events the number 1 choice for so many customers just like you.

Our Event Kiosks are ready to be delivered to every corner of the island of Ireland right now. To add some to your next event, simply get in touch with us and we’ll take care of everything.

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