Indirect Fuel Heaters

If you’re looking to heat a temporary structure such as one of our marquees for hire, Indirect Fuel Heaters are just what you need. There are  heaters using all kinds of fuel sources available with Cromore Events, including electricity, paraffin and diesel, so you can tailor your chosen fuel heater to your preferences and requirements.

Typically, our marquee heaters are positioned outside and blow warm air into the marquee through the use of vents and ducts. For safety reasons, fuel-burning heaters should be left outside, whereas electricity ones may be better suited for sheltered locations. 

We offer everything you could need for parties and celebrations both large and small as part of our event hire service, and we cover all of the island of Ireland, providing indirect fuel heaters for hire in Bangor, Belfast, Dublin, Derry, Newry, Newtownards and more. Wherever you are in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, we’d love to help you out. 

Indirect heater hire is available with bulk bundled fuel storage tanks for long-term use, and a range of sizes and outputs can be ordered so you can heat the required volume of your outdoor structure with ease.  The Cromore Events experts will be happy to advise further. 

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