Last One Standing

   Up to eight of you will start, but only one of you will finish! You might think you’re ready for what’s coming, but how long can you last on the Last One Standing inflatable game? Jump over the first barrier, duck under the next, stay on your feet or you’re out of the game. This party game only ends when every participant but one has been felled by the monster inflatable, and we can crown the winner as The Last One Standing!

Last One Standing is a thrilling game which people love to spectate as well as take part in. It’s suitable for a wide range of abilities, as the difficulty settings are adjustable. You’ll be cheered on by your peers if you step into the ring, and the feeling of winning this game is a great buzz that will make your day.

Total Wipeout Inflatable Hire

Bringing the competition as well as the fun to any event; Last One Standing is a great item for corporate bookings, where you can use it as part of team building exercise day, as well as by providing a general morale boost and a break from the proceedings at events such as trade shows, product launches, promos and exhibitions. Last One Standing is also equally at home at events like fun days, community fetes, and charity fundraisers.

The thrill seekers will be happy with this one and this Total Wupeout inflatable will certainly be the highlight of the day for many guests at the event. And who knows – perhaps you’ll head home with the accolades of Last One Standing yourself. Offer a prize to the winner – you could even hold a series of contests to whittle down hundreds of participants! 

We’re bringing our Total Wipeout Last One Standing inflatable all over Ireland including Northern Ireland and the ROI, and from Mizen to Malin. Chose us for parties in Dublin, Belfast, Derry / Londonderry, Newtownards, Dundalk and more! Contact the Cromore Events team to begin the booking process or if you have any questions about our services.

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