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Add a real professional touch to your event or business with a Market Kiosk from Cromore Events. All of our market kiosk are heavy duty and professional grade items where the quality really speaks for itself. They look just fantastic with their dark and treated wood panelling and they’re sure to create an atmosphere, wherever they are placed.

Whatever you require these Market Kiosks for, you won’t be disappointed. They can be used as bars or for food serving, with the large-size front hatches providing a perfect space for staff and customer interaction. If you’re thinking of setting up shop and selling second hand goods, homemade gifts, souvenirs or any kind of trinkets, then you’ll find these market kiosks provide ample room for stock, staff and everything else. Access is simple through the rear door, and it’s large enough to carry through any equipment you might require.

These traditional market stalls will fit in amazingly well at street food markets, festivals, Christmas markets and so much more.

Away from commercial use, they can also add a touch of class to wedding receptions, Alpine-themed parties or anything else you might need them for. They are dry and warm and so will provide great protection from that famously temperamental Irish summer weather – but you might want to add heaters and lights to your order, too!

When you hire our Market Kiosks you can be certain you’ll be receiving structures in perfect condition. We thoroughly sweep, clean and check every single one prior to sending it to you, so we’re sure you’ll be completely satisfied.

We are ready right now to deliver these Market Kiosks across the entire island of Ireland. From Belfast to Dublin and everywhere in between, we can provide these fantastic Market Stalls to you.  To order as many as you need simply get in touch with us here at Cromore Events through our contact page and we’ll take care of everything. 

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