Marquee Hire for Commercial Use

Using Marquees for Canteens and Other Commercial Purposes

Marquees are an excellent way to increase available space when hired for commercial use. Whether you want to have more space to allow for physical distancing or if you just need more room, a marquee can meet your needs.

For instance, a business or school that currently has a small canteen area can easily expand the available space by using a temperature-controlled marquee with electricity and with our indirect fuel marquee heaters. This is an effective way to give people the space they need to eat, take a break, etc. while also under a cover.

Solutions such as this are becoming more and more common as people embrace outdoor living and move to remote working. 

Marquees are also commonly used as extensions for restaurants and shops. This makes it possible to seat the same number of people as you did before, or display the same amount of merchandise, while allowing for physical distancing. Even outside of distancing requirements, using a marquee or instant shelter at your commercial property increases the space you have available, and that can mean increased profit.

When looking at marquees for commercial use, there are applications beyond shops and food service. Marquees and pop-up gazebos can be used in many different scenarios!

Hiring Marquees for Warehouses

Marquees can be used to create flexible space at warehouses. They make it possible to scale and extend your warehouse setting with ease. This allows the warehouse to change in size and scope according to need.

For instance, demand may change seasonally, and a warehouse marquee can be very useful in these situations.

A typical warehouse marquee usually includes electricity, climate control heating and lighting, and everything else that is necessary to have the area function as a fully equipped commercial facility. Office areas can even be created, complete with desks, chairs, partition walls, and more.

How Marquees Work for Storage

Supply chain issues can highlight the need for flexible storage areas that can change depending on circumstances.

Hiring a marquee for this purpose is a practical and flexible solution. Marquees used for storage are climate controlled and secured to protect the materials that are being stored.

Medical Marquees

There are many reasons to hire marquees for medical use. For instance, they can be used to house medical facilities at festivals, large events, and other such gatherings.

They have also been crucial in recent years for medical testing and vaccinations, isolation, additional medical space, healthcare campaigns, and much more.

What About Hard Wall Marquees?

Hard sided marquees are often available with acrylic or glass sides. They can add additional polish and professionalism to your site while also improving security. If you’re operating in especially windy or rainy conditions, you may prefer a hard wall marquee. The exterior can even be personalised or branded to your own specification.

Marquee Hire for Long-term Use

While many commercial organisations hire marquees for temporary or short-term use, there are many long-term applications as well. For example, seasonable requirements may necessitate using a marquee for several months.

Marquee hire is also common at businesses where renovations or refurbishments to main business structures are taking place. This allows you to continue work at full capacity while improvements or building work is completed.

For more information on marquees for commercial use or to hire a marquee, please contact us today.

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