Rock ‘N’ Roll Combat Inflatable

If you’re looking for something unique at your event that your guests probably won’t have tried before, then this Rock ‘n’ Roll inflatable from Cromore Events is a must! It’s a new spin on an old classic, and sure be a huge success at whatever size or type event you’re planning.

Combat Inflatable Games for Hire

The Rock ‘n’ Roll is similar to the Gladiator Duel you know and love, except this time all the action takes place on a tilting platform. Remaining upright during battle in this arena will require expert balance and impeccable timing. Do you think you have what it takes? Whoever can withstand the pummelling from their opponent the longest will be crowned the champion and have bragging rights among their friends and family.

Rather than pure strength, this inflatable is a real test of agility and co-ordination. It’s not always the biggest and strongest who triumphs, and the ability to stay on your feet while the ground beneath you moves is essential.

The entire family will be pleased to hear that both kids and adults can use this inflatable. The softness of the sticks and the padding of the tilting platform mean that no one will be hurt.

Inflatable Hire for Events in Ireland

Cromore Events have been providing this inflatable and others like it to fetes, events, carnivals, parties and many more across Ireland for years. All of our products are sure to be a hit, no matter whether only a few members of the family or the entire town are invited.

To reserve the Rock ‘n’ Roll for yourself simply contact a member of our friendly team now.

Space required: 30L x 28W x 12H (ft)

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