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Yee Haw! When you take a ride on our Rodeo Bull, you know you’re in for some intense fun – hopefully you can hold on for more than a few seconds! The mechanical bull Bucking Bronco ride is white-knuckle, competitive and above all, fun. The Rodeo Bull, with its flashing red eyes and raging nature, is as enjoyable to look at as it is to ride. Hold on as tightly as you can while the bull bucks and frays with increasing difficulty.  You are encouraged by the cheers of your friends, family or colleagues to stay on and beat the record, but you’ll inevitably make a soft landing on the ride’s inflatable base. 

With the scoreboard keeping time of who can stay on the longest, the competitive element is pure theatre and adds to the thrill and excitement of any event. Each rider gets their time displayed, so guests at the event love to laugh and egg each other on as they compare scores. If you really want to add an extra level of fun, make it interesting by offering a prize to the rider at your event with the longest time.

Classic carnival fun

The Rodeo Bull is a classic amusement ride that people will be eager to join in with. It’s a real talking point for any event, but is particularly popular for corporate events where it can build camaraderie and rapport for you and your colleagues.

We’re offering our rodeo bull for hire all over Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, including cities such as Derry, Dublin, Belfast, Bangor, Waterford, Dundalk and more. Tell us about the details of your event and we’ll do all we can to help you out, at a competitive price. We’re experts at all occasions and celebrations, so you can trust in us for an experienced and reliable team.

So saddle up, hold on tight and join the rodeo! Contact us to start the booking process.  

Space required for rodeo bulls:

Length: 18ft

Width: 18ft

Height: 10ft

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