Traditional Market Stand

Give whatever you’re planning a really professional look with these multi-purpose Traditional Market Stands from Cromore Events. These wooden stands have a fantastic aesthetic that bring to mind Alpine ski lodges and Christmas markets.

In addition to how great they look, their spacious interiors as well as large serving hatches and backdoors mean that our traditional market stalls are extremely useful for so many situations.

Whether you need somewhere to serve food or drinks at a market, or if you’re setting up a small business selling homemade gifts, souvenirs and more, these Traditional Market Stands are exactly what you need.

As with everything we stock at Cromore Events, these are commercial grade items that are built to last. They have been used at the largest events in the country without any problems. Despite this previous use, you have no need to worry as they’re in the same perfect working order they were as the day they were built. This is because our event hire team regularly cleans and maintain them, to make sure that on every job they do exactly what the customer requires.

Be sure to add the Traditional Market Stand to festivals, farmers markets, corporate events, street food markets and everything and anything else. Whether you need them to store stock, prepare food, serve drinks or something else, you’ll find that these market stands can handle it. You could even add marquees or stages to your booking if you are hosting a large event, or if you’d like a variety of different retail platforms. 

Due to our experience with the largest business clients in the country, we know exactly the level of professionalism you’re looking for in the companies you hire equipment from. We will always deliver exactly what you order on time, so you can get on with the important business of enjoying your event.

These Traditional Market Stands from Cromore Events are available for delivery to every corner of the island of Ireland right. Simply order as many as you need with us and we’ll look forward to seeing you. Contact us to begin! 

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