Unclimbable Ladder

Do you have what it takes to make it to the top? Do you have the speed and skill to get there faster than anyone else? Hire the Unclimbable Ladder from the Ireland event hire experts to take the challenge, and be poised at the ready for the word “GO!” The first one to ring the bell takes the winnings – but you might find that nobody can reach the end of the ladder, in which case you might want to offer a prize to anyone who accomplishes the near-impossible.

The Unclimbable Ladder is a two player challenge, getting increasingly difficult as the ladder twists and sways with every movement to the top. Guests at the event will compete to see who is the lord of the ladders, people gather to cheer on their peers and share in the competition. The great thing about this game is that physical strength isn’t everything – it’s all in the technique – so guests feel confident to have a go because anyone can win.

The Unclimbable Ladder is great for corporate events where you can pit teams against each other; it makes for great team building. It also offers a thrill at fun days and community events which can really boost the atmosphere. Whatever event you’re hosting, this event hire option is wonderful, and we’re happy to bring it all over Ireland, including Belfast, Dublin, Derry / Londonderry, Newry and many other areas.  

The Unclimbable Ladder may look daunting but you have nothing to fear. With its cushioned inflatable base, guests can tumble down from the very top in perfect safety. The cheers, the gasps and the taste of victory ensure that this is an item that the people at the event will talk about long after.

So limber up, get your game face on and prepare to head onwards and upward!

Space required: 22L x 15W x 20H (ft)

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