Live performances have had a very shaky eighteen months, but with the easing of the pandemic they have been well and truly on the return. There’s nothing like a live concert or comedy show in the open air – many artists have become a hit from their own bedrooms in lockdown, and now it’s time for their fans to see them on stage. People are eager to get back to these events, and having them festival style in the open air is certainly a plus – not only for capacity, but also for those guests who still feel a little cautious of crowds.

At Cromore Events we have a wonderful idea that will allow you to showcase perhaps even local talent in a professional way. We have a number of mobile stages to hire, ranging from large festival-style stages, to dazzling stage hire options that fit comfortably indoors,. We try to offer the most comprehensive event hire service in Ireland, accommodating parties and occasions of all varieties.

Staging always makes an event feel more professional as well as highlighting the person or persons featuring on it. Even for corporate events, just a small amount of staging can do so much for the space.

Large Event Services and Solutions

For larger events, as well as concert and festival-sized stages, we can also provide crowd control barriers and even picnic benches for guests to catch a breather or take in the event from further back. We really have thought of everything and with our experience in events we’ll be happy to work with you and advise on what would suit your event best.

One thing you’ll always get at large events is businesses keen to be there to cater the event and sell their products. It’s a great idea for small businesses who might have been online a lot in the last few years, and are looking to make the leap and get out there. Much like the stages we have available, our event hire team has the perfect solution – you could have stalls and shops on display with us, looking professional and eye-catching and drawing in plenty of custom for your struggling local retailers. We have a range of traditional market stalls, with their log cabin or chalet style you don’t need to do a lot to them to have them look fantastic. They’re great for clothing stalls, confectionery and maybe the odd palm reader. It’s up to you how you use them but we are happy to supply. Combine them with some of our marquees for hire, so some businesses can sell their wares under a canopy, while others can do so in the comfort of a trader cabin.

We are ready and raring to supply the fun and festivities to you and your guests across both northern and southern ireland. Whatever your event large or small Cromore Events are your one stop shop for all your needs. Take a browse through our site and give us a call or contact us online. We’ll be happy to help.