Bouncy Castle Leasing

Bouncy castle and inflatable leasing – you could consider it a long-term bouncy castle hire –  is a new concept and we are the first company we know of to officially offer this service for all of the UK and Ireland.

Have you ever wanted to have your own bouncy castle or inflatable but you didn’t want to put up the big money for it? Perhaps you couldn’t afford the large initial investment, or maybe you want to test the market before you make any large purchases?

Perhaps you already work in the bouncy castle hire industry and you want to increase your fleet of bouncy castles and inflatables, but you struggle to justify the initial outlay or taking out a loan? 

Leave these worries in the past – arrange bouncy castle leasing with Cromore Events!

How is bouncy castle and inflatable leasing cost-effective?

Some look at leasing and ask how can it pay – just consider how often you can use the inflatable! Many of our customers are getting the inflatable out multiple times per week, and are making a significant profit on the cost of the lease.

You could also think outside the box and take a look at the broader picture. Short term, a bouncy castle lease, or hiring an inflatable for rehire, can help you meet any extra or surge demand you might experience at particular times of the year, such as summer or around holiday periods. We are an event hire company ourselves, and we know how frustrating it can be to have promoted our business and spent money on advertising to only discover that we can’t meet the new demand.

If you end up in this situation and you can’t supply a customer just that one time, they will go to a competitor on the back of your advertising! Once they have done this, the chances are they will continue to use the competitor for any future hires. This means leasing a unit can be a very worthwhile exercise, helping you conquer the market and block your competition without it breaking the bank. 

Many also use inflatable leasing to test the water on a new type of product. Find out if a new inflatable is worth spending a fortune on by leasing it for rehire! 

Bouncy Castle Leasing Facts

  • The minimum leasing duration is usually six months.
  • Leasing is available all over the UK and in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • The bouncy castle or inflatable leased must be insured by you. You will become liable for the unit when on hire to your company, your staff and your customers.
  • The inflatable comes with a test, which will last for at least the duration of your hire.
  • Leased units are no older than one season when sent out for your lease
  • All inflatables comes with blowers and pegs. Other accessories are available for sale.
  • All units are manufactured by the renowned Airquee brand. 
  • Copyrighted images and brands are licensed for commercial use. 
  • Exclusive winter deals are available for customers starting their inflatable lease in the summer months.

Our Long-Term Inflatable Hire and Leasing Terms and Conditions

  • A £250 deposit secures any inflatable for your agreed start date.
  • Equipment is covered by us for fair wear and tear damage.
  • Equipment damaged due to carelessness or malicious acts will be at the expense of the hirer, and must be reported to us immediately.
  • Damaged equipment must be fixed by us (Cromore Events) or a dedicated repair centre.
  • All repairs are back to base.

Example Contract 

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