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S ome of the most iconic imagery in the world is that of the casino. Roulette wheels, stacks of colourful chips, decks of cards spilled across green felt. Thanks to Hollywood, it’s always seemed like a distant and exclusive world – but not anymore!

 A Fun Casino gives everyone the chance to experience the thrill of gambling the night away without losing a single penny. This is a great way to help your guests to mingle and get to know each other. We can accommodate your requirements and our casino nights have been very popular. 

With the help of Cromore Events, you can bring all the thrill and intrigue of the casino to your guests. Our fun casino games are accurate and professional, the atmosphere is exciting, the stakes are high – only the money is fake! With the Fun Casino, you bet and win (and hopefully don’t lose!) play money. The games are tense and fun, and the mood is enjoyably competitive and fully immersive, but ultimately, by the end of the night, everybody goes home safe and sound with their wallets intact.

As a fully mobile casino for hire that can be tailored for you, the Fun Casino brings all the energised spirit of Vegas to your event – but in this case your guests can gamble the night away content in the knowledge that nobody is losing out. Like paintballing or aeroplane simulators, the Fun Casino brings the thrill to life without any dangers.

Mobile Casino in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

The Fun Casino is also a perfect activity for any event that involves socialising. As they practise their poker faces and flex their gambling muscles, your guests will chat, joke, and get to know one another. The games facilitate conversation and chatter, so whether it’s the light socialising that takes place at a wedding, the family get-together of a birthday party, reunion, or a retirement do, or the busy networking of a business function, our Fun Casino is just the thing to get people interacting. As party planners, we know how nerve-wracking it can sometimes be, hoping that all your guests will get along and chat to each other. But with the Fun Casino doing the work, you don’t need to worry! Just put on your swankiest after dinner outfit, grab a handful of play money, and join in with the fun.

It’s also a particular treat for themed parties, whether your vibe is the aforementioned Vegas Strip or a birthday party for a big James Bond fan, the Fun Casino is guaranteed to complement your plans.

Our event hire team is based in Portstewart, Co Derry / Londonderry, but we’re proud to travel all over both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland delivering our products and services, so wherever you are, you don’t have miss out on the thrills and spills of the Fun Casino. And a good thing too, since this is such an unmissable activity. Whether host or guest, you’re bound to have a fantastic time when the Fun Casino is booked. Just get in touch, make your selection, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’re dedicated to providing you with a bespoke and captivating event, whatever the occasion. And if you don’t have any occasions in mind, there’s no reason to miss out! Our casino nights are hugely popular – so give us a call today, and find out why! Visit our contact page for more information.

You might also want to hire marquees, stages and a whole lot more – we have a huge range of products ready for you to book today!  

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