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 Sumo wrestling, the national sport of Japan, is an ancient martial art which has been practiced for over one thousand years and you could become part of that history… Ok, maybe we got a bit carried away there – but you can certainly test your skills by hiring sumo suits, and participating in a game that is clearly so fun it’s stood the test of time. Suit up in one of our hilarious sumo suits – available in both child and adult sizes – and step into the ring to shot off your mettle.

The Sumo Suits are a truly unique feature to any event. The game is very simple; use any means possible to knock your opponent on the floor or out of the circle, and remain on the sumo wrestling mat yourself – all while wearing a hilarious oversized sumo suit! These suits are padded, so guests can get really stuck in without it being unsafe. Tactics are up to the players, it may be tempting to go-all out but you run the risk of falling and not being able to get back up, as your opponent gently rolls you out of the circle for a final humiliation. 

Adult and Child’s Sumo Suits with 12ft x 12ft Safety Mat

As you can imagine the atmosphere is high spirited when two friends, family members or colleagues are put head -to-head in a test of strength and skill. People will see you struggling around in these sumo suits and won’t be able to contain their laughter!  At corporate events, who knows – the boss might not be the top dog  after all when you step into the sumo ring. This event hire option offers everyone at your party a fabulous chance to laugh, cheer and have fun, all with a competitive edge.

Step into the suit, step into the ring, face your opponent down and become the Sumo champion … for that day at least!

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