Crowd Control Barrier Hire

Large events need to have a degree of control. Big groups of people moving around an area can cause problems and needs to be carefully managed. People need to know where they can congregate and where they are out of bounds. If your event has large attractions like funfair rides or food trucks, there will be trip hazards and prep areas that guests shouldn’t be finding themselves in. Without a visual marker you will find guests will indeed end up in areas you’d rather they didn’t entr.

With simple metal crowd control barriers, linked together to block off certain areas, that problem is entirely solved. It’s a very important problem to solve because nobody wants an accident and on top of that an added cost. Thankfully all of that is easily avoided with a Crowd Control Barrier.

Crowd Control Barriers are also fantastic visual guides to guests when you want to create an efficient pathway with trackways and track mats. Perhaps you need to admit a large number of guests to your event; it’s much better to have them efficiently queuing then to allow a free-for-all or potential crushes and stampedes. You can direct crowds in the safest and most efficient way around your event, keeping it incident-free so there’s no break in the fun.

Our crowd control barriers come in bundles of 25 stackable individual barriers. They are interlocking so can be assembled in any which way you require, each barrier is 2.3m long so all you have to do is work out how much length you need. Easy to store, quick to set up and an effective way of keeping everything safe, Cromore’s crowd control barriers are a necessity for any large event. Illuminate them with our festoon lighting or any of our other lighting and heating options.

We offer a huge range of other event hire solutions too, with options for both large and small occasions. Make sure you check out our collection of marquees for hire, as well as our stage hire options.

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