Heating and Lighting Hire

Here at Cromore Events, we have a diverse range of heating and lighting solutions available to hire in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. All of our equipment is available to hire for all industries, not just the events sector.


We have a diverse range of heaters for hire in Ireland that suit a wide range of applications. We offer heater hire in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland – whether you’re in Dublin, Belfast, Limerick, Cork or anywhere else, we’d love to help you.


Small Fan Heaters

Small fan heaters are perfect for heating small, closed-in spaces and are powered solely by electricity, making them easy to locate and simple to use. Hire small fan heaters from Cromore Events!


Direct Fuel Heaters

Hire Bullet or Sun Spot Infrared direct-fuel heaters. These are most commonly used for garages and workshops. Our Direct Fuel portable heaters and small fan heaters for hire are perfect for heating well-ventilated areas.


Indirect Heaters

Indirect heaters are ideal for heating a large temporary structure. We have indirect heaters for hire in Ireland that are powered by diesel, paraffin or electricity. These indirect heaters are usually situated outside and the heat they create is ducted in, thus providing your guests with clean, dry heat.

These indirect heaters are most commonly used along with our marquee hire services, but can be hired separately to heat any area you require. They can also be supplied with our bulk bundled fuel storage tanks for longer-term hires. Various sizes of indirect heater are available for hire – speak with our Ireland event rental professionals if you need more information.


Gas Patio Heaters

Visually striking and great for outdoor and smoking areas, our gas patio heaters are available to hire for a touch of the wow-factor at your next event.

Contact us to make an order or if you have any questions! 


Event Lighting Hire

We also have lighting solutions to suit all requirements available throughout Ireland – perfect for all events, both indoors and outdoors.


Mobile Lighting Tower

Our most popular mobile lighting tower for hire is capable of lighting 3,800m2 @ 5 Lux, and boasts an 8.5m mast height, automatic dawn-to-dusk sensors and external sockets.


Other Lighting Solutions For Hire

We also offer LED tube and fluorescent lighting, chandeliers, festoon lighting for hire, spotlights and a whole lot more.

Our heating and lighting hire can be delivered anywhere in Ireland, including Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Dundalk, Belfast, Dublin, Limerick, Cork and beyond – we’re always happy to make events illuminated.

Event Lighting and Heating Hire

As you can see, we have a huge range of heating and lighting options available for hire and we’re ready to help at any event you are planning.

Heating hire

So as you can see above, we offer heating and lighting hire services for all areas. We have your heating solutions for small enclosed areas such as mini marquees, as well as large marquees,  gazebos, smoking areas and more.

Some of our solutions include:

  • Small Fan Heaters – great for heating small closed in areas such as a mini marquee. Because they are so easy to use they can be placed anywhere and they are only powered by electricity.
  • Gas Patio Heaters –  great for back garden gatherings and smoking areas. They are the perfect size for a small outdoor setting.
  • Direct Fuel Heaters – great for use in workshops and garages. Portable heating solutions – make sure the area is  fully-ventilated!
  • Indirect Heaters – great for heating a large temporary indoor space such as our large marquees.

Lighting hire

And we have plenty of lighting solutions available from a mobile lighting tower to festoon lighting.

  • Mobile Lighting Tower
  • Fluorescent/LED tube lighting,
  • Festoon lighting hire,
  • LED colour changing lights,
  • Chandeliers
  • Spotlights
  • And more.

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