Gladiator Duel Hire

The gladiator duel from Cromore Events is a classic product that your guests will no doubt be familiar with. We find it’s ever-popular and that, once they have tried it, people want to hire it for every party they plan!

Hire the Gladiator Duel in Northern Ireland and throughout the island of Ireland

Gladiator duel is a game that requires skill, nerve and balance. Your guests will all want to have a go on this to decide who is the true gladiator among them. Although it may look like this game is all about power, a lot of the true test is agility and timing. Being able to remain standing as blows knock you is vital. In our experience people young and old love the gladiator duel at parties, as it enables them to get competitive with their friends.

The padding of the pugil sticks and the softness of the inflatable podium ensures that everyone will have lots of fun without experiencing a hard landing. It also means that people will want to participate over and over again, while the other guests watch on and cheer the action! This is because in addition to being great fun to play, the gladiator duel is also an incredible and thrilling spectator sport.

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Cromore Events is well known across the entire of Ireland for the premium quality of our party hire products, and the gladiator duel is no different. We have extensive experience of hiring to some of the largest events in the country, and the reason we keep getting business from them is because they know we are always exceptional in every department.

To reserve your date with the gladiator duel, simply contact us.

The Gladiator Duel comes with safety helmets and has a large inflatable bed where the participants can fall onto. 

Size: 22ft x 18ft

Space required: 24L x 29W x 12H (ft)

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