Heating, Lighting, Generators, Barriers, Track Way and Concrete Ballasts

If you have just visited us to hire a marquee, an event tent or any other party furniture, take a look at all the extras you can add to it with the help of Cromore Events. We have a huge range of heating, lighting, generators, barriers, track way and concrete ballasts which are great add-ons for your marquee or gazebo hire. We offer heating, lighting and everything else for hire everywhere in Ireland and Northern Ireland, so you can book with confidence no matter where you are based.  

Barriers, track way and concrete ballasts

We have 2 different types of barriers for hire; our Crowd Control/Pedestrian Barrier and our Heras Boundary Fence. The Pedestrian Barrier will help your guests navigate your venue, and our Boundary Fences are great to place around the area of your so you can keep the fun inside your location and control crowd flow. Both our barriers and fences are frequently used at festivals and large events, but like everything else we have at Cromore Events, we’re ready to supply them to events of all shapes and sizes.

Our Track Ways and Track Mats are great if your venue location has some uneven ground. These track ways act like a path around your venue, and thanks to their flat design, they help to make areas accessible in muddy conditions and for people with disabilities or with small children.


You can also hire our Concrete Ballasts which are used to weigh down stages or to secure a marquee for hire. They can also be used to help weigh our Track Ways down, or any other structures or furnishings you have. Please let us know if you have any questions!


Heating and lighting

Because our marquees are available for hired all year round, we have heaters – the best way to keep your outdoor venue warm in the colder months. Your guests will be able to take shelter from the cold in our marquees and event tents, feel the warmth of our marquee and gazebo heaters, and party through the night thanks to our lighting. We make it simple for your guests to enjoy themselves, no matter whatever event you are hosting. If you want your event to go on until the early hours of the morning or want to light up the dark nights, adding outdoor lighting such as a mobile lighting tower to your venue can help keep your party going when it gets dark.


See if our heating and lighting equipment is a fit for your next event – just look through our website to see what we have to offer. 

Generator hire

We have a wide range of generators for hire. If you are hosting a large event they are perfect for powering lighting and entertainment equipment. We have sizes ranging from 3.5 KVA to 100 KVA. Have a look and see what generator hire is best for you.

Do you think you want to add some of these extras to your marquee hire or all your event services? Book with us today and we will deliver and set up your chosen products for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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